Absolver's 1.11 Update Adds In 3v3 PvP Mode And More

The new Overtake mode has two teams of three vying for dominance.

Developer Sloclap has released yet another substantial update for its open-world martial arts adventure game Absolver, an update which adds in, among other things, a brand new team-based PvP experience.

The main highlight of Absolver’s 1.11 update is the new Overtake PvP mode. In Overtake, two teams of three players must race around the map and capture three different control points while also fighting players on the enemy team. For each control point a team has, their score will increase at a faster rate and the first team to reach 5,000 score wins. As Sloclap says in the official 1.11 patch notes, Overtake is still in a beta form so players should anticipate a few issues cropping up here and there. Other features included in update 1.11 include the following:

  • Private 1v1 PvP matches so friends can more easily duel each other
  • An expanded Prestige system which includes a new in-game shop that allows players to trade in fragments and crystals for specific emotes, weapons, and gear pieces.
  • A new anticheat system which should automatically detect online cheaters and kick them from matches.
  • Support for 21:9 screen ratios
  • New day and night variants for existing PvP maps
  • The ability for players to customize which emotes they have on their emote wheel
  • Miscellaneous fixes and gameplay tweaks

As of the time of this writing, the 1.11 update is live for both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of Absolver, so no matter which platform you play it on, you can now give Overtake and all of the update’s other additions a whirl.



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