Resident Evil Revelations series on Switch will have retro minigames

And at least one of them looks half-decent!

Resident Evil Revelations and Revelations 2 will include a pair of retro-themed minigames exclusive to the Switch version.

One minigame to be included in Revelations 2 is Ghouls ‘n Homunculi, a clear riff on Capcom’s old Ghosts ‘n Goblins. In the game you’ll need to run a pixel Barry Burton past hordes of undead to look for his daughter.

Revelations’s minigame is Ghost Ship Panic, a simplistic shooter that’s playable during loading screens to help you kill time and monsters.The minigames will even earn rewards to be applied in the cooperative Raid mode.

The surprisingly decent Revelations and it’s superior sequel will be making their way to Nintendo Switch November 28, and these games give a more little incentive to pick up the new version.

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