'Go 4 The Kill' Mod Brings CS:GO One Step Closer to PUBG

The Go 4 The Kill mod adds battle royale-style gameplay to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The success of PUBG has prompted tons of shooter games to create their own battle royale-style game modes, including Fortnite and Warface. While popular shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has yet to officially join the battle royale craze, one modder has sought to change that by making their own battle royale mod for CS:GO.

Source: Go4TK Website

Aptly named Go 4 The Kill (or Go4TK), the custom battle royale mod aims to bring battle royale-style gameplay to CS:GO. The mod features a map nearly four times the size of Overpass, which was made possible by "a simple trick that increases the useable horizontal space on the map," according to the official Go 4 The Kill website.

The mod’s creator, Kinsi, explains that they built Go4TK “with performance in mind,” avoiding excessive map detail to allow for the best possible performance. The mod includes several features to make the experience more user-friendly as well, including autorun, freelook, binoculars, and a “seamlessly integrated inventory and map UI”.

Source: Go4TK Website

“With Go4TK my aim was to combine two games that I like: King of the Kill and CS:GO. It was mainly meant to be a challenge for myself to push the boundaries of what’s possible with server-side only CS:GO modding,” explains Kinsi. “From the ground up I've carefully handcrafted everything, be it the map in itself or the plugin allowing for the actual gameplay to ensure the best possible integration.” 

To play the Go 4 The Kill mod in CS:GO, players must first download the mod files and log on to the Go 4 The Kill website using their Steam account. Once signed in, a lobby queue option will appear in the bottom left corner of the website, where players can queue up for a solo or duo lobby. From there, just wait for a notification to appear and accept the connection invitation when ready.

Kinsi initially released Go 4 The Kill back in August and has been working to improve the CS:GO battle royale mod ever since. You can keep up with the Go 4 The Kill community by joining the Go4TK Steam group or by following the official subreddit. If you’re looking for more games that have their own battle royale game mode, check out these top free battle royale games that are like PUBG.


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