Dead Cells Will Receive a Price Increase on January 4th

Grab it at a discount while you can.

Developer Motion Twin has announced that its Steam Early Access metroidvania title Dead Cells will soon be getting a price hike to reflect the significant progress that has been made on the game since it originally launched in Early Access form last May.

According to this update post on the Dead Cells Steam Community page, the game’s default price of $16.99 will be bumped up to $19.99 once the currently ongoing Steam Winter Sale ends later this week on January 4th.

Of course, if you haven’t yet bought Dead Cells and you want to, the Steam Winter Sale has also knocked its price all the way down to $12.74 so now’s the perfect time to snag it before its price is permanently raised. Now's also a great time to play Dead Cells thanks to the recent release of a massive content update called The Foundry Update (you can read more about it here).

It's because of updates like The Foundry Update that Motion Twin is raising the price of Dead Cells, and the studio stated it has many more updates planned for the future:

“While we’re far from finishing the game and realizing our complete vision, anyone who jumps onboard now is going to be playing a very polished game with hours and hours of fun. For those of you who did take the plunge and put your faith in a first time Steam game team…Thank you!”

A release date for the full, complete version of Dead Cells has yet to be announced. However, Motion Twin said back in May that it should be ready within a year, so we’ll likely be learning when the full release will arrive before long. 


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