For Honor: Feast of the Otherworld summons skeletons to spookify the battlefield

Along with a bunch of scary cosmetics.

For Honor has a halloween event called Feast of the Otherworld which adds a new Endless March mode.

The new mode is built on the Dominion format but replaces your regular minions with deadly (and more importantly, spooky) skeletons. You’ll still cut through these waves in a single hit but they’ll deal a lot more damage, requiring you to take more care around them. Holding control points earns a temporary score bonus, but the only way top increase your team’s score to victory is by killing skellies.

Along with the new mode, the halloween event adds a tonne of themed cosmetics to the game you can earn in loot drops. “Each Hero will have a new ornament, a new outfit, and new idle, emote, and execution effects that they can acquire this way,” Ubisoft’s blog says, with the trailer showing off a wide number of cosmetic additions.

The event will run until November 2, after which only the masks will remain available for purchase at an increased cost.

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