Hi-Rez Adding New 'Battlegrounds' Mode to Paladins

The new game mode was clearly inspired by the popular indie shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. 

During today’s Hi-Rez Expo keynote, Hi-Rez Studios unveiled a new battle royale game mode coming to Paladins entitled “Paladins: Battlegrounds.”

Taking inspiration from other battle royale shooters like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Paladins: Battlegrounds will pit 100 players against one another on a “massive map” where they must “explore, loot, and survive” in order to be the last Champion (or team of Champions) standing.

Hi-Rez touts Paladins: Battlegrounds as “the first-ever hero shooter battle royale.” While Hi-Rez has drawn criticism for similarities found in Paladins and Overwatch, the company has it a bit easier this time around considering they aren't the first to dabble in the battle royale genre.

Epic Games introduced a battle royale mode to their free-to-play shooter Fortnite, while mobile games like Rules of Survival and Knives Out offered their own free battle royale experiences. 

Unlike the aforementioned titles, however, Hi-Rez apparently won’t be straying too far from PUBG’s brand of battle royale. In Paladins: Battlegrounds, players will need to loot outposts and fight for gear dropped by zeppelins. Meanwhile, an encroaching fog will push players closer together as it actively shrinks the play area.

Among the key differences is Hi-Rez’s intent to build Paladins: Battlegrounds with squads in mind. This means you’ll likely have more luck within a well-structured team, rather than going it alone. As of right now, Paladins: Battlegrounds is still in early development, with Hi-Rez aiming for a 2018 release date for both PC and console versions of Paladins.

When it releases, it’ll be free for all Paladins players. Whether or not there will be microtransactions, like the ones implemented in the OB64 update, remains to be seen. Other additions announced for Paladins during the Hi-Rez Expo include a new team deathmatch mode and Champion named Moji, both of which are currently available in the latest open beta.

What do you think about the new battle royale mode coming to Paladins? Will you try it out once it’s released later this year? Let us know down in the comments below!

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