Nvidia Reveals Massive 65-inch Gaming Monitor

The BFGD stands out in the crowd not only in size, but in specs as well.

At CES 2018, Nvidia unveiled a massive new display monitor that’s sure to catch the attention of hardcore PC gamers. The Nvidia BFGD, which stands for Big Format Gaming Display, was built by Nvidia alongside partners Asus, Acer, and HP.

One glance at the BFGD and you’ll see exactly what the “Big Format” aspect of its name is referring to, as the monitor comes in at a whopping 65 inches (the size of a large TV).

In comparison, your typical "large" computer monitor sits at around 30 inches. Alternatively, a popular choice by many PC gamers is a multi-monitor setup. If you're someone who primarily uses a multi-monitor type of setup to increase display (rather than multitask) the BFGD is certainly worth checking out.

Aside from its size, what kind of specs does the BFGD rock?

Well, it was definitely designed with gaming in mind thanks to its incorporation of Nvdia’s G-Sync technology. Essentially, G-Sync utilizes variable refresh rates to sync a display’s refresh rate with gameplay frame rates, thus preventing artifacts like tearing. 

According to Nvdia, the BFGD offers a “highly responsive, smooth, tear-free, immersive gaming experience unmatched by any display of this size.” The company went on to claim the BFGD offers the same level of ultralow latency found in other G-Sync PC monitors of a smaller size.

Of course, it’s hard to compare as you won’t find many monitors of the same size and scale as the BFGD. It really is massive.

Something to keep in mind if you’re looking to take advantage of the BFGD’s G-Sync is that it needs to be directly connected to a PC that’s equipped with a compatible Nvidia card via the monitor’s DisplayPort connection. If you don’t have an Nvidia graphics card in your PC rig, you may want to invest in one before purchasing the BFGD.

Meanwhile, the BFGD features 2.0b HDMI inputs and a native 120Hz refresh rate. For crisp, clear visuals, the monitor boasts a 4K resolution, supports true HDR, has a direct-backlit display, and utilizes full-array local dimming. In terms of specifics, the BFGD features a VA LCD panel and supports HDR10 (but not Dolby Vision).

Along with having 4K gaming support, the BFGD comes with Nvidia Shield already built in along with native Kodi support, HD HomeRun integration, NAS access, Plex server capability, and more. This helps give the monitor streaming options, which makes sense considering it’s literally the size of a TV. Other items bundled with the BFGD include the Nvidia Shield remote and game controller.

As of right now, the BFGD’s specs are still being finalized along with the monitor’s price and shipping date. However, Nvidia claims that its partners (HP, Asus, Acer) will start shipping the BFGD this summer. Considering its specs, we predict the monitor will wind up costing upwards of $1,000 (if not more).

What are your thoughts on the Nvidia BFGD? Do you have room on your desk for a computer monitor of this size? Let us know down in the comments below!

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