Devolver Digital Steam Sale Discounts Several Indie Games

Get Hotline Miami, Titan Souls, and more on the cheap.

To help celebrate the new year, publisher Devolver Digital is throwing a short yet sweet Steam sale which includes several popular indie titles amongst its offerings. The sale isn’t being held in any sort of official front-page-of-Steam capacity, it’s just a group of Steam games that Devolver Digital decided to discount.

However, despite its lack of formal promotion, indie fans still have plenty of reason to be excited for the sale since it includes discounts for several recognizable indie games such as The Talos Principle, Titan Souls, and Broforce amongst others. The full list of discounted games along with links and discount prices can be found below.

If the above pickings are just a bit too slim for your tastes, is also running a sale of its own, the aptly titled New Year’s Resolution Sale. That sale includes discounts on a selection of indie titles as well, titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the Legend of Grimrock (and its sequel), Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny, and more.

Both the Devolver Digital Steam sale and GoG’s New Year’s Resolution Sale will end next Monday, January 15th, so if you’re thinking of buying any of the games offered through either sale, make sure you act sooner rather than later.   


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