RimWorld is Headed Toward Version 1.0, Says Creator

RimWorld's creator has also outlined what to expect in the near future.

Nearly five years after the launch of its original Kickstarter campaign, RimWorld, the plucky base-building game about survival and story, may finally be coming out of Early Access in the near future. RimWorld’s creator, Tynan Sylvester, has outlined the future of RimWorld in a lengthy Reddit response, stating that the game is gearing up for a full release. “Next version will be 1.0, by the way,” says Sylvester. “We are furiously refining the hell out of this thing.”

In the Reddit post, Sylvester offers an extended explanation for why most player suggestions won’t be implemented into the game, and why the team is inching closer to a 1.0 release. Sylvester’s explanation essentially boils down to the fact that RimWorld “can expand endlessly,” leaving room for infinite content and thus infinite requests for new content. Upon being “faced with an endless treadmill of requests,” Sylvester has determined that five years of development is enough to call the game finished. 

Sylvester goes on to list some of the things that the team at Ludeon Studios has been working on lately to prepare for RimWorld version 1.0. Changes include an interface redesign, as well as rebalancing for some animals. The team is also working on mod optimizations to help reduce the loading times for various RimWorld mods. The doctor AI has been reworked as well, so that the AI will tend to their duties and “not go to get food while someone's bleeding to death.”

You can read Sylvester’s full post here. RimWorld is currently available in Early Access on Steam for $29.99. Sylvester doesn’t mention a projected launch date for RimWorld 1.0, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated when new details emerge.


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