They Are Billions - The Best Early Game Strategies

A guide featuring some of the best early game strategies to use while playing They Are Billions. 

If you recently picked up a copy of They Are Billions, you may find yourself spending a lot of time looking up the best early game strategies. This is because the stronger your start, the easier time you’ll have defending against zombie hordes later on in the game. They Are Billions is incredibly complex and requires countless hours of trial and error to perfect.

While we can’t help you instantly master the game, we can help you avoid potentially costly early game mistakes. In this guide, you’ll find some of the best early game strategies in They Are Billions.

They Are Billions - The Best Early Game Strategies

Below, you'll find some of the best early game strategies in They Are Billions.

To kick off this list of the best early game strategies in They Are Billions, we recommend new players start their first game on the lowest difficulty setting. In doing so, you’ll be able to better learn and master the mechanics of They Are Billions. Once you’re comfortable, you can begin gradually increasing the game’s difficulty.

At the start of your first game, your five initial units (comprised of one Soldier and four Rangers) will serve as your sole line of defense. In order to expand, you’ll need to accrue items such as additional Colonists, Energy, and a Stone Quarry. Due to how time consuming this process can be, we recommend putting solid protections in place to safeguard your initial units.

This early game strategy can be done by keeping your Soldier on a patrol route which covers your Colonists’ tents along with the Tesla Coils needed to build and expand your territory. With the Soldier assigned to this task, you can then use your Rangers to gradually explore the surrounding area.

Make note of choke points in the terrain during your explorations in They Are Billions. 

During their explorations, they’ll likely uncover various choke points in the terrain. When you encounter your first zombie horde in They Are Billions, we recommend having your Rangers fall back and kill the zombies from a safe distance. Additionally, we recommend killing only enough zombies to free up the space needed to construct a wall or gate across said choke point.

Once you’ve constructed your wall or gate, you’ll want to build a wooden tower nearby and station one of your Rangers in it. This should be more than enough to keep the area safe during the early stages of the game. After you’ve used your Rangers to secure your surrounding territory, you’ll want to shift focus over to your resources.

To do this, you’ll want to upgrade your existing buildings often as opposed to constructing new ones. The more buildings in an area, the harder it’ll be to construct a Mill or Foundry later on in the game. One building type to focus upgrades on are Dwellings, which provide you with both Workers as well as Gold.

One early game strategy to employ is upgrading buildings such as Dwellings in They Are Billions.

Try and keep your Dwellings close together, and upgrade items like Warehouses and Banks which cast an AoE buff that boosts protection. Prior to upgrading from Cottages to Stone Houses, try and invest in a Market. This early game strategy can help cut the food requirements of your Dwellings, making it well worth the construction time.

Speaking of food requirements, you’ll want to create a Farm early on in the game. During your scouting, try and put a premium on at least one grassy area. This is because Farms offer triple the food output of Tents and Fisheries, all while having upgrade potential. With protection and resources handled, the final key to a solid early game in They Are Billions is defense.

This can be a complicated task, as you’ll need to identify which choke points will be the busiest. Fortunately, all you need to do is pay attention to the areas with the most frequent zombie attacks while keeping an eye on your other borders. One early game strategy you can employ is having a squad of Support Troops ready to help out your weak defense points when needed.

Have your troops fall back if they begin to get overwhelmed in They Are Billions.

You can also pull troops out of Guard Towers during the early game, as attacks will primarily come from a singular direction. At this point, you’ll want to take your Soldiers who’ve earned veteran status and rotate them with rookies in order to improve as many troops as possible. Avoid destroying old fortifications as your colony grows, as these defense layers will help you manage large zombie hordes.

During attacks, keep an eye on the health of your troops and try and have them fall back before they die. For particularly difficult attacks, try having at least one Sniper per Guard Tower. Then, once the early game comes to a close, you can begin building Lucifers and Thanatos for even greater crowd control.

Defense is one of the most important strategies in They Are Billions, so be sure to have the best troops in place to tackle the game’s ruthless zombie hordes. With these tips in mind, you should have no problem starting off your early game strong in They Are Billions.

By reading through this guide, you should now know the best early game strategies to use in They Are Billions.

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