The Escapists 2 - How to Improve NPC Opinion Ratings

A guide on how to gain favorability and increase Opinion in The Escapists 2.

In The Escapists 2, your ability to pull off an escape plan relies heavily on your favorability amongst others within the prison. This is gauged by the Opinion stat, which basically gives you an idea of what the guards think of you as an inmate at any given time. This guide will explain how to manage and improve your Opinion rating in The Escapists 2. 

The Escapists 2 - How Opinion Works

The Opinion stat is a rating that indicates the opinions of other NPCs toward the player inmate. Since the Opinion rating represents what other characters think of the player, the player does not have an Opinion rating in their own profile. 

The Opinion stat essentially acts as a favorability rating. Guards and other inmates will each have an opinion of your character, which can impact certain gameplay elements. For example, if another inmate has a low opinion of you, they may try to attack you randomly, or will call the guards on you when you try to escape. Some inmates that sell goods may also increase or decrease the price of their items based on how they feel toward you. 

Likewise, inmates with a high Opinion towards you can potentially be recruited for your escape plan. If a fellow inmate has an Opinion of 80 or higher, they can be recruited to your cause and will defend you from attacks by other inmates or guards. 

Guards have an Opinion rating as well, and like inmates, this rating is found within their character profile. Guards with a low Opinion rating toward you may tear down items in your cell, such as hanging bedsheets or posters. Guards must have an Opinion rating higher than 40 to prevent this from happening. Guards whose favorability toward you drops below 40 will be more likely to select you for shakedowns.

The Escapists 2 - How to Increase Opinion

Here’s several ways to improve your Opinion amongst other NPCs in The Escapists 2: 

  • Give them money. Giving money to your fellow inmates is one quick way to increase their opinion of you. The more you give, the higher their rating will go.
  • Complete favors. Completing favors for others works similarly to giving them money. Think of it like completing favors to gain favor.
  • Talk to everyone. Chatting up the guards and other inmates will help improve their Opinion rating towards you. Their rating will go up one point for every two quotes or so.
  • Be patient. NPC Opinion ratings will gradually increase each day, provided you don’t do anything to lower the rating at the same time. Opinion can increase by 2.5 points per day.
  • Give high-opinion items: Gifting certain items to other inmates, such as weapons or keys, will help increase their Opinion of you depending on the item.

 The Escapists 2 - How to Decrease Opinion 

While managing your favorability with other NPCs in The Escapists 2, it’s important to note which actions will result in a decrease of Opinion. Beware of these activities, as they will actively lower an NPC’s opinion of you: 

  • Rejecting a favor request. Just as completing a favor can increase Opinion, rejecting a favor will reduce Opinion. To avoid this, try not to say “No” to any requests. Choosing “Maybe” will maintain the Opinion rating and will keep the favor available for later.
  • Stealing. Avoid stealing from other inmates while they are nearby. If they notice you taking things from their desk, then this will directly result in a lower Opinion rating. Also, avoid stealing items from jobs if you can help it.
  • Fighting with others. Getting in fights or being hostile toward other inmates will quickly reduce their Opinion of you.
  • Give low-opinion items. Giving NPCs certain items, such as dirt or sheets of metal, can decrease that NPC’s Opinion towards you.

Managing the opinions of others and staying in good graces with the prison guards and fellow inmates will come in handy when the time comes to plan your prison break in The Escapists 2. For a deeper look at how to improve the other character stats in the game, head over to our guide on all stats and skills in The Escapists 2


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