Twitter Reacts to the Nintendo Labo Reveal

Some hilarious tweets that emerged as a result of yesterday's Nintendo Labo announcement.

Nintendo has officially revealed the Nintendo Labo, a hand-on game that allows users to build their own Switch accessories out of cardboard. While many have embraced the creative concept, the announcement also gave rise to a number of hilarious memes and images on Twitter. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Twitter reactions to the Nintendo Labo's big reveal. If you missed the announcement, check out the Nintendo trailer below to find out what the Nintendo Labo is all about.

Twitter Reacts to the Nintendo Labo

Many Twitter reactions opted to poke fun at the concept of creating Switch peripherals out of cardboard:

Even some bigger names were joining in on the fun:

If you’re a cat owner, you likely had a much different gut reaction to the Nintendo Labo announcement:

And of course, no Twitter reactions list would be complete without some obligatory Simpsons references:

Appropriately following up from that last Simpsons tweet to round off this list of Twitter reactions:

What do you think of the Nintendo Labo? Let us know in the comments below. For a critical look at the Nintendo Labo, here are five much-needed Nintendo Labo improvements that we feel would make the product more appealing.


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