Playstation Launching Line of Collectible Figurines

The Totaku Collection will feature several iconic Playstation characters including Kratos and Crash Bandicoot. 

Playstation is joining the collectible figurine marketplace with their upcoming Totaku Collection. The Totaku Collection will feature a lineup of characters and franchises popularized on the Playstation console.

Manufactured by ThinkGeek (a GameStop company), the Totaku Collection is set to launch on March 23rd with seven figurines, each priced at $9.99. The seven figurines launching on March 23rd include:

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Kratos from God of War
  • Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet
  • Bloodborne’s Hunter
  • Heihachi from Tekken
  • Parappa the Rapper
  • Feisar FX350 from Wipeout

For those wondering whether or not the figurines will host in-game functionality similar to Nintendo’s amiibo line, the answer appears to be no. This is because the Totaku Collection figures are described as "fixed to their stand and non-articulable."

Based on this description, the Totaku Collection sounds as though it'll primarily act as a nifty collector’s hobby for gamers and hardcore Playstation fans. Additionally, with ThinkGeek serving as manufacturer, the Totaku Collection will only be available at GameStop locations, thereby lending a touch of exclusivity to the figurines.

While you wait for the Totaku Collection’s March 23rd release date, let us know your thoughts on the new lineup of Playstation figurines down in the comments below!

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