Voxel-Based Farming Sim 'Staxel' is Now in Early Access on Steam

Grow crops and make friends in Plukit's indie sandbox adventure, Staxel.

After nearly four years of development, indie game developer Plukit has finally released their voxel-based farming sim Staxel onto Steam Early Access. To celebrate Staxel’s Early Access debut, the development team has released an official launch trailer, which you can view below.

Published by Humble Bundle, Staxel blends the blocky aesthetic of Cube World or Minecraft with the social allure of Harvest Moon. Players can look forward to harvesting crops, completing tasks for villagers, settling into the farm life. 

Staxel was also developed with online co-op multiplayer in mind. If you get tired of interacting with the same old villagers, you can invite your friends into your world to share farming duties or even become neighbors.

Based on the Early Access reviews so far, it seems that while Staxel has a lot of potential, the game could still use a bit of polish. However, it looks as though the developers at Plukit have made significant progress on Staxel over the years, which is quite impressive considering the core development team started out with just two people.   

Staxel is available now through Steam Early Access for $20 for those who wish to provide feedback during the game’s development process.


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