Yume Nikki Dream Diary Releasing Next Month

Playism reveals new details regarding the 3D follow-up to 2004’s RPG Maker hit, Yume Nikki.

A new 3D Yume Nikki game is coming next month according to publisher Playism. The game is a combined effort from Kadokawa, Active Gaming Media, and Kikiyama. Dubbed “Yume Nikki Dream Diary,” the game is set to release on February 23rd for Windows PC.

The original Yume Nikki was developed by one man, Kikiyama, via RPG Maker back in 2004. Following its release, it went on to achieve cult status thanks to its intriguing premise and elements of horror.

In the game, you follow a young girl who finds herself in a series of strange, connected dream worlds. The game offers an enjoyable mix of horror, puzzle solving, and even boasts early “walking simulator” elements.

This year’s follow-up already seems like it plans to deliver more of what made the original Yume Nikki so popular. Early screens and artwork from Yume Nikki Dream Diary reveal new pieces of character and monster art that are sure to get Yume Nikki fans excited.

For those who’ve yet to play Yume Nikki, the game is available for free on Steam. What’s more, we have a guide on how to collect all of the game’s special Egg Effects if you’re looking to fully complete Yume Nikki before the release of Yume Nikki Dream Diary.

When it launches on February 23rd, Yume Nikki Dream Diary will be available for Windows PC on Steam and Playism’s PC storefront for $19.99.

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