Subnautica - Guide to All Achievements

A guide to all 17 achievements in Subnautica.

Subnautica has finally surfaced out of Early Access on PC, presenting players with a massive underwater survival expedition. There are 17 achievements available in Subnautica for completionist players to unlock, some of which are much easier than others. This guide offers a brief list each achievement in Subnautica, along with their individual unlock requirements.

Subnautica - Full Achievements List

We’ve listed the achievements below in the relative order in which they can be completed. Some players have experienced issues unlocking certain achievements, despite meeting the unlock requirements. Keep this in mind as you work toward unlocking the achievements in Subnautica, as the issue may not have been resolved yet. 

  • Getting Your Feet Wet - Dive for the very first time.
  • Settling in for the Long Haul - Build a habitat.
  • Ancient Technologies - Find the Enforcement Platform.
  • Personal Propulsion - Build a seamoth.
  • Ordered the Prawn - Build a Prawn suit.
  • “Man’s Best Friend” - Find and hatch a Cutefish egg.
  • Seaside Living with an Ocean View - Find the Degasi habitat on the floating island.
  • Follow the Degasi - Find the Degasi habitat in the Jellyshroom caves.
  • Seamonsters - Find the Degasi habitat in the deep grand reef.
  • 40-Foot Sub for One - Build a Cyclops.
  • Follow the Lost River - Find the Disease Research Facility.
  • Thermal Activity - Find the Thermal Plant
  • Fourteen Thousand Leagues Under the Sea - Find the Primary Containment Facility.
  • Optimal Health - Cure the infection.
  • Leave Only Time Capsules - Create and deploy a time capsule.
  • Go Among the Stars - Launch the Neptune Rocket. 

If you followed the descriptions in the list above, you should now be one step closer to unlocking all 17 achievements in Subnautica.


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