Sea of Thieves Datamining Unearths Future Game Content

It looks as though plenty of content was left out of the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta.

After experiencing the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta, many players are in consensus about the game’s current lack of content. As a result, one intrepid pirate on the Sea of Thieves subreddit has dug into the Closed Beta game files to see what else may be in store for Rare’s swashbuckling simulator come March. 

Extensive datamining by Reddit user m4rx has unearthed various details about the types of content we may see in Sea of Thieves’ full release, including new items, locations, and NPCs. Those who want to avoid potential spoilers should turn their vessel around now.

The datamining list includes items that were featured in the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta, alongside new items that were not available in the beta test. Among the new features are new weapons, landmarks, NPCs, quests, creatures, and enemies. 

One feature that stands out in the datamining list is the Kraken, which is listed under Enemies with a note that reads “ship wrapping tentacles.” Players have speculated about the existence of a Kraken in the game since the start of the Closed Beta, so this datamining discovery seems to verify this theory. 

Another highly requested feature is ship customization, which seems to be confirmed if the data holds true. According to the datamining details, players will be able to customize various parts of their boat, such as the mast, livery, capstan, cannon, and wheel. The ship’s figureheads can be customized as well. 

The datamining list also includes the names of several different maps, including The Wilds, Blue Sea of Plenty, and Wide Sea of Plunder. Each of these have their own landmark locations, many of which were already featured in the beta. It’s unclear whether these map names correspond to subsections of a single map, or entirely separate maps in Sea of Thieves. 

In response to the connection issues players faced at the start of the beta, the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta has been extended and will now conclude on January 31. Let us know what features you’d like to see in Sea of Thieves when the game launches on March 20.


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