Aegis Defenders is Available Now on PS4, PC, and Switch

Co-op platforming meets tower defense in Aegis Defenders.

If a game that’s half tower defense, half platformer sparks your interest, then look no further than Aegis Defenders, the debut project from independent game studio, GUTS Department. Aegis Defenders taps into the nostalgic feel of classic 16-bit platformers by combining Metroidvania-style gameplay elements with a bit of Shovel Knight thrown into the mix. Presented by Humble Bundle, this crowdfunded platformer is available now for $19.99.

In Aegis Defenders, players take on vicious beasts and explore forgotten ruins throughout gorgeous locations. Your goal in Aegis Defenders is to team up with other unique characters against an evil empire that uses ancient weapons and tech. Inspired by classic 16-bit fantasy games, Aegis Defenders has lovely pixel art visuals and features multiplayer co-op for up to four players. 

Aegis Defenders starts of with two main protagonists: an engineer named Bart, and his granddaughter, Clu. Players can play as this dynamic duo right from the start during single player, thanks to the game’s innovative character-swapping system. There are four customizable characters total, each with their own special equipment and abilities.

Aegis Defenders is out now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and is a great option for players looking to find the perfect couch co-op game on PS4 and Switch. If you enjoy platforming, tower defense, and co-op dungeon crawling, then be sure to add Aegis Defenders to your game library.


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