Celebrate Valentine's Day with Purrfect Date on iOS

Move over, Tinder. Purrfect Date is coming to iOS devices this Valentine’s Day.

Feeling lonely as Valentine’s Day encroaches on the world and beats the heads of single-folks for not finding “the one” yet? Well, you may be in luck. Come February 14th, you can find the purrfect feline companion directly on your iPhone with Purrfect Date.

Puurfect Date, developed by Bae Team and published by Bossa Studios, originally released on Steam in December 2017. Puurfect Date will be available on iOS devices this Valentine’s Day, February 14. So even if you are planning on going out on a date, if your date is boring, you can always show good manners by looking at your phone and having a date with a flirtatious feline. The game has 18 alternate endings to unlock, so make sure your iPhone or iPad has plenty of battery life come Valentine's Day.

In Puurfect Date, you play as an employee on Cat Island. It seems too good to be true. Like all seemingly good things, there is something sinister lurking below the surface. Your character has an unfortunate (depends on one’s perspective) disease which slowly turns you into a cat. There is only one way any rational human being would respond to such a perplexing turn of events. That’s right, you guessed it. You must date a series of cats, and push your way through silly cat puns, in order to uncover the island’s mystery. 

Purrfect Date will be available on the App Store for $4.99 USD. Purrfect Date is also currently discounted on Steam for 25% off for those who want to pick up this fur-tastic dating sim on PC as well. 


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