How to Save Theresa in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Save Theresa and unlock the Cavalier trophy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Are you an achievement hunter struggling to unlock all the achievements and trophies in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? This guide will help you get closer to that goal. The Cavalier achievement/trophy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is relatively simple to get. However, it requires some quick decision making, and it's certainly missable on a casual playthrough.

After the attack on Skalitz, make your way to the city of Talmberg. The quest begins on a hill and a waymarker indicating Talmberg should be displayed. Follow the path down the hill until you reach its base where you will see several houses. If there are a couple of horses out front, you know you are in the right place.  

Head towards the horses and you’ll hear a loud scream from Theresa. She is being harassed by Cumans. Stopping their assault is necessary for getting the Cavalier achievement in Kingdom Come. 

To stop them, you can do one of two things: 

  • Whistle at the Cumans by pressing Y on Xbox One, Triangle on PS4, or X on PC.
  • Attack the group like a boss. While playing the hero may sound enticing, we recommend you forego this option as the Cumans are much stronger than Henry.

If you whistle, be prepared to make a quick getaway, because the ruthless Cuman mercenaries will turn their attention immediately to you. Mount one of the nearby horses and escape as fast as you can. If successful, you will be rewarded with the Cavalier achievement/trophy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Also, whether or not you save Theresa, she becomes a romance option later on in the game.

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