Outlast Mysteriously Launches on Nintendo Switch eShop

The release of Outlast: Bundle of Terror appeared without warning alongside pre-order news for Outlast 2. 

Outlast: Bundle of Terror was officially made available on the Nintendo Switch eShop today. This occurred amid various errors, such as the site noting that the game isn’t due to launch until March 27th (despite the new trailer confirming today’s launch).

In addition, the launch trailer for Outlast: Bundle of Terror stated that players can now pre-order for Outlast 2 on Nintendo Switch, even though there’s currently no pre-order page up on the eShop. Perhaps the pre-order date for Outlast 2 is March 27th?

With so much conflicting information, it’s easy to see why today’s Outlast launch has left fans confused. Especially considering the fact that Red Barrels never announced an official release date and haven’t brought up the Nintendo Switch port since December of 2017.

Nevertheless, fans should have zero trouble purchasing Outlast: Bundle of Terror on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $24.99 (USD). Included in Outlast: Bundle of Terror is the original game and its DLC, Whistleblower.

For more on the release of Outlast: Bundle of Terror and the upcoming pre-orders for Outlast 2, be sure to check back with us here at Indie Obscura!

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