Way of the Passive Fist Now Available on PS4 and PC

Pacifist fighting game Way of the Passive Fist is out now.

Today, independent game developer Household Games unleashed their first title, Way of the Passive Fist, on PlayStation 4 and PC. Xbox users can join in on the fun starting March 7, when Way of the Passive Fist releases for Xbox One. To commemorate the debut of Way of the Passive Fist, Household Games has posted a brand new launch trailer, which you can watch below.

Unlike typical side-scrolling fighters, Way of the Passive Fist takes a different approach to the fighting game genre. The game uses a unique defense-based fighting style that involves strategic blocking and parrying maneuvers.

In Way of the Passive Fist, your goal is dodge and deflect your opponent’s attacks until they become too exhausted to fight. With the right timing, your parries and deflections can turn into damaging offensive maneuvers that are used to defeat foes in each chapter. 

“We genuinely aimed to give players a different arcade brawler experience and the team has delivered on that promise,” said Jason Canam, Founder of Household Games. “Players will quickly learn that timing is everything in Way of the Passive Fist and how satisfying the perfectly timed defensive fighting gameplay can be. It’s been a long time coming, it’s well worth the wait.” 

Way of the Passive Fist costs $14.99 USD and is available now on PlayStation 4 as well as PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, with the Xbox One version launching tomorrow. For more details, head over to the Way of the Passive Fist official website.


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