Here's your first look at COD: WW2's next DLC pack

The War Machine offers new maps, more zombies and a trip to Sicily.

Activision has released a trailer for The War Machine, the second dollop of DLC headed to Call of Duty: WW2. 

And here it is...

So what are we seeing here? Three new multiplayer maps, for one thing, set in Dunkirk, a German V2 rocket base and Egypt. Scurrying around in ancient temple corridors looks especially fun.

Then there's Operation Husky. This is the new addition to War Mode, and is based on a real campaign in 1943 which saw the Allies liberate Sicily from Italian and German Axis forces. Those playing on the Allied team will have three objectives: steal some intel, transmit the intel and then take to the skies to protect incoming bombers. Those playing as Axis must fortify their position to protect the intel, and then engage in dogfights to prevent the Allied bombing run.

Finally there's The Shadowed Throne, the second chapter in the deliciously ridiculous Nazi Zombies mode, which promises steampunk undead enemies powered by sinister red lightning.

The War Machine launches first on PS4 on April 10, and comes to PC and Xbox One 30 days later.

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