Far Cry 5 guide: all Cheeseburger Bobblehead locations

Can u haz cheezburger? YES.

Far Cry 5 is a game about religious extremism in modern day America, and how radicalized communities can emerge even in supposedly stable democracies. It’s also a game in which you’ll rampage across the countryside collecting bobblehead figurines of a grizzly bear. It’s the latter we’re interested in here, as that task is required to beat the Mint Condition side quest in the game. Want in on the action? Here’s what you need to do.

You don’t actually need to trigger the Mint Condition mission to find the bobbleheads, but it’s a good idea as not only will it help you keep track of how many you’ve found, it’ll also guide you back to the quest giver for your reward at the end. That person is Dave Fowler, and you’ll find him at the aptly named Fowler’s Retreat in the Whitetail Mountains (Jacob’s Region). Talk to him to discover he used to run the merchandise shop at the F.A.N.G. Center, but now the evil cultists have stolen his beloved collection of bobbleheads of Cheeseburger the bear and he wants them back.

As with the other collectables in the game - such as Vietnam Lighters and Comic Books - you can cheat a little by purchasing a map for $1200 from any vendor showing you where to look. Or you can just read on right now...


Cheeseburger Bobblehead #1

Baron Lumber Mill (Jacob’s Region)

You’ll be passing through here as part of a main story mission, but you can visit before or after that if you need to. The bobblehead is in the canteen, on the counter.

Cheeseburger Bobblehead #2

St. Isidore School (John’s Region)

Check the shed outside for your next bobblehead - it’s on the table. You can also grab some ammo, a perk magazine and some dollars while you’re here.

Cheeseburger Bobblehead #3

Bradbury Tractor Shed (John’s Region)

There’s a fridge with no door in a shed here. The bobblehead is inside. Not a tricky one.

Cheeseburger Bobblehead #4

Lansdowne Airstrip (Jacob’s Region)

You’ll need to solve the Hangar Pains prepper stash puzzle to get this one, so use our guide if you get stuck. As well as the usual prepper stash haul, the bobblehead can be found on a shelf.

Cheeseburger Bobblehead #5

Whitetail Park Ranger Station (Jacob’s Region)

While exploring this location, keep your eyes open for sleeping quarters with bunk beds. The bobblehead is on the dresser close by.

Cheeseburger Bobblehead #6

Cedar Lake (Jacob’s Region)

There’s a small island in the lake, and a shack on the island, and a bed in the shack. The bobblehead is on there. Simple!

Cheeseburger Bobblehead #7

Whitetail Park Visitor Center (Jacob’s Region)

There’s a bobblehead on a shelf in the main building. It's pretty hard to miss.

Cheeseburger Bobblehead #8

South Park Entrance (Jacob’s Region)

This location is close to Widow’s Creek. Your bobblehead is on the ground by a bench, among some trash. We can add littering to Eden's Gate's crimes.

Cheeseburger Bobblehead #9

Feeney Residence (Faith’s Region)

Look on the breakfast counter between the lounge and kitchen.

Cheeseburger Bobblehead #10

8-Bit Pizza Bar (Faith’s Region)

You’ll find this stylish eaterie near to Hope County Jail. The bobblehead is hiding on a high shelf.

Now you’ve got all 10 bobbleheads, return to Dave Fowler for your reward. Unlike some of the other collectable quests, the rewards for this one are hardly life-changing - some cash and RP towards overthrowing Eden’s Gate - but you do get a cool bear t-shirt and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve reunited a grown man with his beloved plastic junk. And isn’t that what really matters?

Dan has been playing games since the 1980s, and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. Also, get off his lawn. You can contact him by email if you need to know exactly how to leave his lawn.


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