PUBG 4x4 Savage map drop locations guide

Where to visit on PUBG's flashy new island map.

Updated - April 17, 2018:

The second test round for PUBG's miniature Savage map is now live and comes with a few changes. We've updated the locations based on their changes and added a few tips to help you get ahead!

The Savage 4x4 map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has arrived in a closed test, and players are already fighting (and dying) over every inch of the condensed, tropical island. It may be in an early state with missing textures and limited decorations, but Savage is already a real blast to play on. With rifle spawns increased and the map significantly smaller, you’ll need to be quick off the mark to grab loot and avoid an early grave. Here are the spots we think you should be dropping on PUBG’s latest battle royale playground:

Disclaimer: Savage is currently in a test release, meaning locations could change significantly between tests and the final release.

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Swamp Temple

The new School. Despite being a relatively small location on the map, the exotically named Swamp Temple draws plenty of players each round. With a flat, open roof and single internal floor, any shootout here is likely to be over in a matter of seconds, so you’d better be sure you can get down quickly. The latest test version added some basic textures to the area, making it feel a bit more thematic, but it still feels like an old-school Goldeneye 64 level. We’re sure it’ll look great in the full release, but it currently makes for a bizarrely silly experience.

Unless you can land first and directly on a weapon, we recommend entering on the lower level to avoid the initial carnage and pick off the survivors. Don’t land at the base of the building however, as you need to walk up the outer stairs before you can get inside. Just be aware that the only way up onto the roof is an exposed ramp in the heart of the building.

Training Center

The real military base of the new map is a genuinely enjoyable place to fight. Located dead centre, expect droves to drop here. If you can claim victory however, the loot will be more than worth it. The central gully and raised platforms either side always contains some high-end gear, but it can easily make for a death trap at the start of the match. You’re best off landing on the roof of one of the buildings which ring the compound and only heading inwards once your sector is clear.

Even when the starting fight has finished, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. Plenty of players will drop near to Training Center and move in once the gunfire dies down. It’s a sneaky tactic to try and take out the beleaguered survivor, so make sure you aren’t caught out.

If Training Center sounds a bit too spicy for you, consider flying to Bootcamp Alpha/Bravo/Charlie instead. Whichever is furthest from the plane path will see you meet the least resistance and still earns you more than enough gear for a couple of players.

Abandoned Resort

Did we say Swamp Temple was the new School? Abandoned Resort may well end up being more accurate. While Temple’s battles may end in a matter of seconds, the larger, multi-building compound of the Resort draws the fight out a good bit longer. That said, we've found fewer players dropping here in the new test, with most preferring to fight it out in Training Center. This is good news for you as you'll find more than enough equipment here to get you set for the rest of the match. The update has also filled in some of the missing textures and it's already one of the coolest looking locales the map has to offer. Be warned though. the rooms in the three main buildings can prove hit-and-miss. We’ve landed early in multiple games to find the top floor of our chosen building entirely devoid of weapons — the result of which is a short, bullet-ridden trip back to the main menu. 

Plenty of guns can spawn on the open ground under trees towards the outer edges of the compound (we've found the west side to be the most profitable), so if you’re one of the first players there, try to land as close as you can to a weapon and snaffle it up before anyone else can. Otherwise, entering the ground floor or outer buildings to the west is as safe as you’re going to get here. Stick to the ground floor and circle round the outer edges of the compound as you scout out who else is alive.

River Town

There's not much here to distinguish River Town from places like Manufacturing or Commerce in terms of loot, but the setting makes for some pretty cool gunfights. With a river splitting the small village in two, battles tend to occur on either side before the winners on each end turn to face each other. It’s a fun arena to take a fight in, and having squads duke it out either side of the water is quite the spectacle.

Anywhere, really

Thanks to the increased drop rates for higher tier guns and gear, it’s possible to land pretty much anywhere on Savage and come away at least moderately well equipped. For example, we landed up in this small cluster of buildings on the north side of the island and came away with more than enough ammo, weaponry and healing to see us through the rest of the match. Even if your building doesn’t have much, it won’t be a long journey to the next set where you can stock up on more supplies.

If you’re looking for a quieter landing using this method, you’ll need to pay close attention to both the flight path and the circle. The first ring will already be visible on the map when the plane sets off, so to find a safe spot you’d do best to avoid heading towards the ring, but most importantly you should travel far from the plane’s route. Due to the smaller island, dropping anywhere close to the plane’s path will most likely see you in combat seconds after you land. Then again, you probably shouldn’t be playing on Savage if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea.

Where to avoid

As maps go, Savage is pretty generous, but there are a few locations that we honestly think are best left alone. The northern Logging Camp offers so few buildings in such an open area that you're better off landing at the nearby Coastal town or even at the isolated buildings nearby. Banyan Grove sounds exciting, and in the latest update it's also an unusual environment made of raised wooden walkways. Unfortunately, landing on these via parachute can prove extremely fiddly, and you'll often find yourself tossed to the floor, weaponless. Considering how open the spot is, you're likely to end up dead even if you're lucky enough to snag an early gun. It's worth a trip just to see the unique environment, but best crossed off the list when hoping to progress far in the game as even the loot isn't anything special.

Final tips

  • In general, games of Savage play out in the same manner as a typically PUBG match, but with the encounter rate dialled up to eleven. Expect to run into players regularly, and make sure to scan the horizon constantly as you move.
  • Sound is crucial at all times here, so if you're sprinting around the bush at full pelt you'll likely get dropped by a sneakier player. Keep your movement short and carefully planned. 
  • If you thought bush-camping was bad on Erangel, prepare to be infuriated by Savage. most of the map is coated in long, dark green grass, which makes spotting most players damned tricky. Combine that with a broad, ferny bush and you can become all but invisible with the right positioning. In Third Person Perspective this is incredibly powerful, as you can see in the images below. Check the bushes around you carefully in the latter stages of the game, and make use of them yourself where possible.
Spot the player: grass vs bush
Spot the player: grass vs bush

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