Hitman: Definitive Edition comes to retail next month


Independent Danish game studio IO Interactive has struck a deal with Warner Bros to bring the Definitive Edition of episodic murderthon Hitman to retail on May 15.

This bumper bundle will not only include all seven exotic locations from the core story for your elaborate assassination plots, but will also include all four episodes of the Patient Zero campaign, three Escalation contracts and extra missions in Sapienza and Marrakesh.

The bonus outfits from last year's digital Game of the Year collection are featured, so if you want to dress Agent 47 as a clown or cowboy, your kink is accomodated. Basically, you get all the content and every update that Hitman has had since it first launched in 2016.

There's an anniversary outfit bundle too, celebrating the studio's 20th birthday, with three new looks inspired by previous IO Interactive titles Freedom Fighters, Mini Ninjas and Kane & Lynch.

Hitman: Definitive Edition will be available in stores from May 15 for PS4 and Xbox One. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X owners will have their experience suitably enhanced.

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