Monster Hunter World's Spring Blossom Fest has officially gone live

Bringing back all the time-limited quests.

Monster Hunter World’s Spring Blossom Fest is now live, running until April 19.

The first major event for Monster Hunter World, Spring Blossom Fest brings a celebratory feel to the game, adding flowers and fireworks to the Gathering Hub, as well as introducing new armor sets, dances and recipes.

One of the coolest new additions is the Wyvern Ignition Great sword, a new weapon designed by the community. To earn this you’ll have to secure the relevant crafting materials during the event.

The event also returns every time-limited quest the game has run previously, including the ability to earn Aloy’s Armor as well as Ryu’s outfit and the Tempered Deviljho quest.

During the event, each day you log in will earn you two Lucky vouchers. Players will also have the chance to grab tickets to craft the Mega Man voxel Palico armor.

Spring Blossom Fest runs from April 6-19, so make sure you jump back in to grab any armor sets or quests you missed previously.

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