Far Cry 5 guide: all Cougars baseball card locations

Batter up.

Head to the Oberlin Picnic Area in the Whitetail Mountains and say hello to George. He’s the last surviving member of the local baseball team and wants you to find nine lost mounted cards as mementos of his fallen teammates. There are only nine of them, and they're all in the Whitetail Mountains region of the map, where Jacob Seed is in charge.

As with all Far Cry 5’s collectable side missions, you don’t need to trigger the associated quest to start acquiring the Hope County Cougars baseball cards, but you will need to do so in order to turn it in and claim your reward.

Activating the quest will also allow you to buy a map from any vendor which adds the cards to your map. But why waste the dollars, when you can just follow the steps below?


Cougars Baseball Card #1

Location: Cooper’s Cabin

 Look for this card on a small shelf halfway on the wall.

Cougars Baseball Card #2

Location: F.A.N.G. Center

Look for the store room, and the card will be waiting for you on a shelf.

Cougars Baseball Card #3

Location: South East of F.A.N.G. Center

Don’t go fast-travelling anywhere just yet. There’s another baseball card in the building next to the small lake close to the F.A.N.G. Center.

Cougars Baseball Card #4

Location: McNeill Residence

Not far from the end of the runway where you’ll find the Hangar Pains prepper stash, there’s another baseball card waiting in this abandoned house.

 Cougars Baseball Card #5

Location: North East of Baron Lumber Mill

You’ll need to smash your way through a boarded-up window to gain entry to this building and get the baseball card inside.

Cougars Baseball Card #6

Location: North shore of Cedar Lake

Look on the nightstand next to the bunkbeds in this remote spot for another baseball card.

Cougars Baseball Card #7

Location: West of Rattlesnake Trail Bridge

A tricky one to reach on foot, your best bet is to fly to this spot high in the mountains using a helicopter. Once you’re there, the baseball card is inside the building next to the radio gear.

Cougars Baseball Card #8

Location: PIN-K0 Radar Station

Once you’ve liberated this stronghold from Eden’s Gate – or even in the thick of the battle – seek out a shed to one side, with no door. Your next card is inside.

Cougars Baseball Card #9

Location: Dylan’s Master Bait Shop

Look on the shelving above the rack of clothing for the final baseball card.


Now just return to George and get your bonus Cougars t-shirt, as well as a wad of cash and some progress towards building resistance against Joseph Seed and his wack-a-doodle cult.

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