Mega Man X Legacy Collection coming in July

Buster move.

Capcom has confirmed another retro Mega Man compilation is on the way, this time collecting the parallel Mega Man X series which began back in 1993 on the SNES. The Mega Man X Legacy Collection will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and Switch from July 24.

As the above trailer shows, the eight game collection will be split across two editions with four games in each. At least, that's the case for digital sales. If you pick up the physical release, you'll get both compilations in one package. On Switch, you'll get a physical game card for the first collection, and a download code for the second.

Regardless of platform, all games are accompanied by a suite of display options allowing you to play in the original aspect ratio or with CRT effects, or in widescreen with smoothed out graphics. All the soundtracks are also available for your listening pleasure, along with bonus videos and galleries of related merchandise and other Mega Man ephemera. The 30-minute Day of Sigma anime, which introduced the X series, will also be included.

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