Ninja Theory will donate $50k to charity if Hellblade sells 100k copies in a week on Xbox One

It's out today.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice launches on Xbox One today, and developer Ninja Theory has set a sales target that will see them donate to charity.

Originally exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC, Hellblade is an action game whos main character Senua suffers from psychosis. The game explores her mental illness as you progress, with the player receiving both helpful and antagonistic auditory hallucinations.

Ninja Theory, who consulted with experts during the development of the title, has stated that they will donate money to Mental Health America if they can reach certain sales targets for the Xbox One release. The game hit a middle ground between AAA and indie development, and as such had a reduced price point of $30, which should improve chances of hitting that sales target. Ninja Theory announced the goal on Twitter, so we expect an update in a week’s time at the latest.

If the game is able to reach 50,000 copies by April 18, the studio will donate $25,000 to the charity. If they reach 100,000 sales that money rises to $50,000. Ninja Theory previously donated money to charity as part of the UK Mental Health Awareness Day.

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