RPG shop sim Moonlighter is out next month

Taking stock on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Delightful RPG shop simulator Moonlighter is launching on May 29, according to developer Digital Sun. It'll be out for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a Switch version also coming at some point after.

Hey! Here's a new trailer.

The game's concept is a little bit Zelda and a little bit Harvest Moon. Playing as enterprising merchant Will, you must manage your village shop by day and then venture into dungeons and caverns at night in search of treasure. That treasure can then be sold in your shop, funding better gear allowing you to delve deeper and find greater prizes.

The action sections are at least partially random so you'll be exploring procedurally generated locations, but certain elements such as boss fights will be fixed to give the adventure a more satisfying structure. Meanwhile, looking after your shop will be a huge part of the experience, and you'll need to get to know your fellow villagers to find out what sort of things they want to see in your store window. The more money you invest in your community, the bigger it gets as new people move to the area.

It's all ridiculously charming, and seems like a clever mash-up of two fun genres. We'll find out for sure next month.

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