Emulator players on PUBG Mobile are now in their own matchmaking pool

So long, keyboard and mouse.

Those playing PUBG Mobile with use of an emulator will find themself matched up against other emulator users thanks to a new update.

Players using an emulator to play the mobile release of PUBG Corp’s Battle Royale hit were able to gain a significant advantage by using a mouse and keyboard for more precise aim and movement. The control scheme provided such an advantage in fact that M + KB players have been dominating the game since just a few days after release, making it tough going for any regular mobile users.

Making use of that advantage will now see you placed in a pool of tough competition however. Emulator players will now be exclusively matched against other emulator players. PUBG Corp understandable made the change “to ensure fair gameplay,” as anyone playing with mobile controls was unlikely to stand much of a chance against mouse and keyboard, even with aim-assist.

If you’re playing in squads or duos, you’ll still be matched with emulator players even if only one of you is taking advantage, leaving all mobile squads will be free to enjoy the true mobile experience.

Associate Editor

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