Play as an Ewok in Battlefront 2's new mode

Bear with us.

From April 18, players of Star Wars Battlefront II will be able to live the dream by playing as an Ewok. This time-limited opportunity comes via new game mode Night on Endor, which pits a team of Ewoks against Imperial Stormtroopers on the forest moon.

One team spawns as Stormtroopers and must fend off an ambush by the diminutive carnivorous teddy bears. The Ewoks must use cunning and teamwork in order for their primitive weapons to overpower the well-equipped enemy. Each Stormtrooper that falls respawns as an Ewok, gradually tipping the balance through sheer force of numbers, much as they did in Return of the Jedi's climactic battle.

If the Ewoks win, the game promises that "the celebration can begin". And we all know what that means: YUB NUB.

The update will also bring back the game's micropayment system, but only so you can buy Crystals to spend on Appearances - basically cosmetic changes based on the movie lore. Han and Leia's Endor outfits, for example. 50 such Appearances are incoming, although you can also unlock them with credits earned during gameplay. 

You can find out more at the official Battlefront II site.

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