New character Falke joins Street Fighter 5 roster

Unleash the Psycho Power!

Street Fighter 5 gets a new character on April 24, in the shape of Falke, the third DLC addition of the current new content season. Here she is in action.

Falke's backstory is that she's one of Bison's clone fighters, freed from Shadaloo's clutches by Ed. They now work together to help others who have been enslaved or wronged by the bad guys.

In terms of fighting style, she can infuse her Harmony staff with Psycho Energy and then release it in powerful blasts. Yes, she's a bit like Gambit from the X-Men, but without the terrible accent.

Falke was preceded by Sakura and Blanka in the DLC roster. Three more characters are still to come in this content season: Cody, G and Sagat.

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