Wave Race could be making a return on Switch

We're already loading up that menu theme.

Popular old-school jet-ski racing series Wave Race could be making a return.

Speaking with Fandom at the game BAFTAs, Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi (series producer for Wave Race) teased a return for the popular games. Asked if Wave Race could crop up on the Switch, Takahashi had this to say:

"You may see that game again. We have been trying to make many games and that may be one of them … I personally love Wave Race!"

That's far from official confirmation, but the cheeky grin Takahashi was toting gives us hope. At the very least is a virtual console release too much to ask for? Help us out here Nintendo.

Until we get further confirmation it looks like we're stuck listening to the Wave Race 64 soundtrack on repeat again. Ahh, bliss.

Associate Editor

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