Minit guide: How to find all 19 coins

Where to find every coin in Minit.

There are 19 coins to find in Minit, and if you want those fast shoes or that extra heart piece from the dude in the basement of the sneaker shop then you’ll need to find a lot of them. We’ll help you get your hands on some cash so you can make your dreams come true, and unlock that Treasure Hoarder achievement. So if you want to know where to find all 19 coins in Minit, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you where they are, and if there’s an item you need to get them we’ll tell you that, too. Here’s where to start coin hunting.

Minit coin locations

Coin 1: Your Starter Home

No items required
Just break the pot in your house. Don’t worry about cleaning up.

Coin 2: In Snake Tunnel

Item required: Flashlight
In the snake tunnel temple place there's a false wall up in the top left of the maze. You can recognize it from a slightly dithered look compared to the solid walls around it. Go through the false wall and you'll find yourself in an invisible maze. Keep going left and you'll spot another room, then go down and up until you wiggle your way into the room with a chest and coin in it.

Coin 3: Beneath the Quicksand

No items required
That stuff that makes you walk slowly in the screen just west of the Desert Campsite is quicksand. The pit spans two screens, but it’s easier to get the coin if you sink in the southern screen. Once you fall through, there's no way out so make sure you got the new house first if that's where you want to respawn when time runs out. There are millions of scorpions down here so just run to the treasure chest with a coin and try not to die first.

Coin 4: In the Dumpster by Sneaker Hut

No items required
There's a large dumpster just to the top left of the Sneaker Hut. Smack it with your sword and a coin will fall out.

Coin 5: Hidden Behind the Truck

No items required
There's a hole in the cracked wall near the Sneaker Hut. Hit it with your sword and the tunnel falls away, opening up a secret entrance. Inside, after breaking a pot and shoving some boxes around, there's a chest with a coin in it.

Coin 6: Desert “Ruins”

No items required
If you travel North and East through the desert, following the wall until you get to the screen that's directly north of the Sneaker Hut, there’s sign that points due East towards some "Ruins." Go East a few screens and you'll find a broken down truck, not much of a ruin but there is a treasure chest here with a coin in it.

Coin 7: Lost Temple’s East Wing

Item required: Watering Can
Use the Watering Can on the fire blocking the entrance to the Eastern tunnel in the Lost Temple, you will enter a room full of fire and bats. The goal is to make it across the room with full health so the door with the heart on it opens and you can find a chest with a coin. If you get hit, you'll have to start over in a new life.

At this point you have enough coins to buy the Fast Shoes at the Sneaker Hut! (If you’re on a normal playthrough, shhhh, secrets!)

Coin 8: Lost Temple's North Wing

Item required: Basement Key
To clear the northern room of the Lost Temple you have to spawn from each of your starting houses and die in the room. To do this you’ll need to use the teleporters near your spawn houses. When you successfully do it, a group of plants grows depending on which area you successfully died from. After you’ve made your deadly pilgrimmage from all four houses, the door will be destroyed and you can get the coin.

Coin 9: Behind the Waterfall

Item required: Flippers
On the same screen as the entrance to the Snake Cave, one screen up from your starter home, there's a waterfall. Use the Flippers to swim into the waterfall and there's a chest with a coin inside the cave.

Coin 10: Little Island by the Land-Loving Fish

Item required: Flippers
If you go near the fish who really loves land by the tavern, you can see a small ramp at the top of the screen blocked from land by the ocean. Swim over to the ramp once you’ve got some fetching Flippers then just follow the path and you'll find a chest with a coin in it.

Coin 11: Coin in the Sewers

Item required: Flippers
There's a pot to the right side of the screen with the Tavern. To smash it you need to hit it three times, at which point it reveals an entrance to the sewers. Follow the sewers North and when you find the exit that requires you to murder all the bats in the room, follow the stream South to find a small alcove, home to a chest with a coin.

Coin 12: Island Through the Sewers

No items required
Head down into the sewers the same way you did for the last coin. Behind that door that requires you to murder the bats is a staircase back up out of the sewers. Take the stairs and you'll find yourself on that island you can see from the wooden bridge North of the tavern with a chest on it. There is, shock horror, a coin inside that chest.

Coin 13: Old Man’s Treasure Island

Item required: Flippers
If you swim to the treasure island the extremely slow talking old man by the lighthouse tells you about (head West from the lighthouse to the little rock, then South a couple of screens) then you will find this coin – along with a tentacle.

Coin 14: Hotel Back Room

No items required
Round the back of the Hotel is a pantry that has a chest with a coin in it. Just go outside and walk into the back of the Hotel building blindly for a bit and you'll end up in the back room. Push the boxes out of the way to get your coin.

Coin 15: Defeat the Woods Gang 3 Times

No items required
After you save the Hotel guest from the Woods Gang one screen up from the Hotel, you can keep fighting them. You'll need to beat them three times to get the coin. Each time you defeat the group, you'll hear a small musical cue, then you’ll need to die and respawn. Every additional fight adds one more member of the gang to beat, but once you’ve done it thrice you’ll get your prize.

Coin 16: Wait to Complain at the Factory

No item required
South of the main desk in the Sword Factory is a complaint line. It doesn’t move, but be vigilant and stand at the end of the line long enough and the tree will lose enough leaves to explode leaving a coin behind. If it didn’t explode before you died get there with more time on the clock.

Coin 17: Inside a Boring Tunnel

Items required: Press Pass
In the southern part of the Sword Factory there's a room with a large tunnel boring machine (get it?). Hit the two robotic grabby arms holding it in place and then hit the machine to turn it on and let the drill loose. It'll create a shortcut to the desert and, as a bonus, also has a coin in it.

Coin 18: Back of the Truck

Item required: Press Pass
Inside the parking lot behind the warehouse of the Sword Factory is a truck that you can get into. In the back of the truck there is a coin. Steal it.

Coin 19: The Mines Under the Factory

Item required: Grinder
After you get the Grinder (if you need help figuring that out, check out our guide on how to find every item in Minit) you'll find a box in the mine that’s stopping you going through the South tunnel exit. Destroy the box, go South, and follow the conveyor belts without falling off until you find the chest with the coin in it.


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