Don't worry, Nintendo will stock replacement Labo bits for when you destroy your cardboard piano

What do you mean I wasn't supposed to build it in the bath?

Nintendo has confirmed that they’ll stock replacement parts for the two Labo kits that launched today in the US.

Many users were concerned not just for the durability of Nintendo’s new cardboard creations, but also for how easy it would be to accidentally get the sets wet or have them thrown int the recycling.

With the simple nature of each set, there really is no question that you’ll end up damaging some of the parts (especially if you’re as clumsy as us) so replacements were all but a necessity for the new product.

Thankfully, Nintendo is offering replacement items for all of the goods included in each kit, with prices ranging from $2.99 for some reflective stickers to $11.99 for full cardboard sets like the piano. All of these are available on the Nintendo Store. Alternatively, if you’d like to try making the sets yourself, Nintendo has made PDFs available for each set.

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