God of War boss guide: How to defeat Jarn Fotr

Give this giant troll a frosty reception.

U Mad? You will be when Kratos faces his next sizable enemy, because its another troll. A frost troll to be precise. That means Járn Fótr’s attack patterns will be fairly familiar from prior troll encounters, only now you have to watch out for cold damage from his frost powers as well.

(By this point you should already have taken down the Dark Elf King Svartaljofurr, but in case you haven't, read our guide!)

How to beat Jarn Fotr

Sure enough, Járn Fótr attacks with a powerful ground slam using the enormous stone pillar he lugs around, as well as swinging it like a battering ram. Each one leaves behind areas of frost that will cause damage and slow you down should you be caught in them.

In other words, stay away from him! This is a distance fight where ranged throws of your Leviathan Axe will win the day. You should know what’s required by now – use the scenery as a natural shield, keep Járn Fótr at a safe distance and keep picking away at his health whenever you can. More enemies will spawn, so deal with those quickly or use Atreus to keep them distracted.

Eventually, Járn Fótr will fall to his knees and that’s the time to get up close. Dash in, press R3 and you’ll really take chunks out of his health. Then get back out of range and go back to your axe strategy. Keep it up, and this blue meanie will go down without too much trouble.

You’d better prepare for things to get a lot tougher from now on though, as your next boss is the enormous dragon Hræzlyr. Are you ready for this? You will be with our guide!

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