God of War boss guide: How to beat Hraezlyr

Don't let the fight dragon against one of God War's biggest bosses.

By this point you’re probably a bit sick of Trolls, and luckily enough you’ve now got the pleasure of tackling none other than the massive, cave-dwelling dragon Hræzlyr. He may be big, but this is far from the toughest boss you’ll face. The key to this fight is knowing how to approach the beast in each phase. Keep your wits about you and our guide will see you through without too much trouble.

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How to beat Hraezlyr

Phase 1

Hræzlyr might be imposing to look at, but the trick to getting ahead here is to look for the for Yggdrasil tree roots dotted around the arena. Run over to these you’ll be able to grab Shatter Crystals capable of stunning Hræzlyr. Whenever he’s preparing to throw out a lightning attack, use the Shatter Crystal at the right moment and you’ll stun him, knocking his head down to the floor. This will expose a weak point for you to batter on the top of his skull (handy how bosses always have these, isn’t it?). Lay in as much damage as you can, then back off as soon as the big fella gets up again.

Keep your distance during this first phase as you need to watch out for a foot stomp attack (this is thankfully blockable) as well as a lightning attack you need to dodge. Whenever you can, try to attack with the Shatter Crystal when Hræzlyr rears his head back for the lightning attack. You simply need to rinse and repeat this strategy until you reach the next phase.

© God of War / Sony Interactive Entertainment / Fair Use
© God of War / Sony Interactive Entertainment / Fair Use

Phase 2

As soon as you’re in the second phase of the fight, Hræzlyr will change his strategy. After flying to the other side of the arena he’ll begin stomping and clawing at Kratos.  Dodge between the swipes, then quickly charge in to attack the claws. You won’t deal too much damage here, but after you inflict enough Hræzlyr will begin throwing out lightning attacks once more.

This is your queue to start using the Shatter Crystals again. Throw these up to detonate during lightning attacks and you’ll stun him again, this time letting you finish him off for good. Once you’ve taken down the last of his health bar, Kratos will get to work on a scheme to kill the beast once and for all, ending the fight with Hræzlyr lying dead at his feet. That wasn’t so tough now, was it?

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