Where to find the Bottoms Up Artifacts in God of War

Time to get your drink on Inside the Mountain.

If you're deep inside the mountain on God of War then the next set of Artifacts you'll be looking for are the Bottoms Up Artifacts. All these drinking cups can be found along the path of the main story mission, Inside the Mountain. All Bottoms Up Artifacts can be sold for 30,000 Hacksilver at the shop, so let's get drinking!

Bottoms Up Artifact locations

Bottoms Up 1

The first Bottoms Up Artifact you can find is inside the mountain as part of the main story mission, coincidentally called, Inside the Mountain. Kratos and Atreus will enter an extremely dark cavern with spinning mechanism and blue crystals to shoot. Stick to the right-hand side until you come across an ornate doorway barricaded with wood. Break through the wood and look behind the table on the opposite wall to find the Bottoms Up Artifact.

Bottoms Up 2

The next Bottoms Up Artifact can be found in a tunnel shortly after Brok’s shop in The Mountain. This tunnel tasks Kratos with moving a large platform down a track. Moving this reveals a spiky wall that can be pushed opening using the Leviathan axe and behind it is the Bottoms Up Artifact.

Bottoms Up 3

Another Bottoms Up Artifact is located shortly after you meet Sindri at a plateau on your climb up the mountain. After coming out of the caves and rescuing Sindri, continue inside until you reach a stuck elevator with World Tree Sap to clear. Fire a Shock Arrow at the sap and enter the room it was blocking to find the Bottoms Up Artifact on the ground.

Bottoms Up 4

To find this Bottoms up Artifact, simply continue up the mountain until reach the summit. As you approach the large structure on the mountaintop, take a left and then turn around, the Bottoms Up Artifact is lying beside a rock.

Bottoms Up 5

This Bottoms Up Artifact can only be collected after completing a later mission as it is locked behind some World Tree Sap inside The Mountain. You can return here as part of the main quest after the mission, The Black Rune. Use Atreus’ arrow ability to clear the sap, the Bottoms Up Artifact is on the ground inside.

Bottoms Up 6

The final Bottoms Up Artifact can be found upon your return to the mountain as part of the quest, Return to the Summit. After defeating a Frost Ancient, continue along the main path to find the Bottoms Up Artifact right before Kratos must shimmy across a wall.


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