Where to find the Family Heirloom Artifacts in God of War

Dig up the location of every family heirloom in our guide.

The Family Heirloom Artifacts are one of the sets of collectibles in God of War that can be found in Helheim. These can be difficult to spot given the glarish nature of Helheim, so keep your eyes peeled. But if you happen to be blinded by your surroundings, we've got just the guide to get you seeing straight again. All Family Heirlooms can be sold for 50,000 Hacksilver once you bring them back to a shop, so it's well worth the trouble to hunt down all five. Here's where to find every Family Heirloom artifact in God of War.

Family Heirloom Artifact locations

Family Heirloom 1

The first Family Heirloom Artifact is found right as Kratos enters Helheim. Head right from the entrance and the brooch will be on the ground in the corner.

Family Heirloom 2

The next Family Heirloom can be found when you reach the locked main gate in Helheim and have to drop down to the left. Shimmy across the cave wall and then climb down to the area in the left. There are large pillars near the statues, look at the top of the one near the corner to find the black vines you must destroy. Doing this frees the Family Heirloom Artifact.

Family Heirloom 3

The third Family Heirloom Artifact can be found in Helheim just past the lower area that you must pass through before the main gate is opened. This area can be found by sticking to the left, shimmying through a cave, dropping down to the left, heading down into the arena, and climbing up the other side. Kratos will need to walk through an icy tunnel, turn left and look up at a bridge to see some black vines trapping the Family Heirloom. Destroy the vines to free the collectible.

Family Heirloom 4

This Family Heirloom Artifact is located in Helheim and can only be found using Atreus’ Shock Arrow. Continue down the main bridge, passing through the double doors to reach a section of the bridge with smaller walkways across. On the left-hand side will be a door locked with World Tree Sap, clear the path, go inside, and immediately look on the ground to the right to find this Family Heirloom.

Family Heirloom 5

The final Family Heirloom in Helheim can be found in the Hidden Chamber of the area. To locate it, start at the main entrance and continue along the bridge, passing through the double doors until you reach a section of the bridge with walkways across the top. On the upper levels on the left will be a door blocked by World Tree Sap, go inside and ride the elevator down. Climb the set of stairs to find the Family Heirloom on the left side behind the brazier.


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