Where to find all Jotnar Shrines in God of War

Learn the story of the giants by finding all their massive picture books.

Scattered throughout the world of God of War are Jotnar shrines, monuments left behind by the Giants that tell of stories from their history. Finding all of the Jotnar shrines in God of War rewards you with lore, but also some experience to help increase the potency of Kratos and Atreus’ skills.

All Jotnar Shrine Locations

Jotnar shrines are pretty easy to spot in the environment, as they look like giant cupboards out in the middle of the wild. However, if you don’t follow a path all the way to the end, it’s certainly easy to miss them.

Jotnar Shrine 1

The first Jotnar shrine can be found during the first mission in God of War. To find it, head to the temple and through the counterweight gate. Once outside, turn left, climb the chain, and follow the path up the stairs into the temple. Break through a wooden barricade to find the Jotnar shrine at the end of the hall.

Jotnar Shrine 2

The second Jotnar shrine can be found during the second mission, Path to the Mountain. After falling off the rotten bridge into the ravine, continue through the cave until Kratos must jump a gap. To the right is one of the Nornir chests and to the left is the Jotnar shrine, past a small group of enemies.

Jotnar Shrine 3

A third Jotnar shrine can be found in the Lake of Nine area, toward the Lookout Tower section. The easiest way to find this one is to continue on the Path to the Mountain mission and head through the large double doors opposite Brok’s new shop. In this new area, there will be poison to the right and a wooden barricade to the left, smash the barricade to reveal the Jotnar shrine.

Jotnar Shrine 4

A fourth Jotnar shrine can be found during the mission, The Light of Alfheim. After repairing the light bridge to the ringed temple, cross the bridge and go to the right-side of the area to meet Sindri. Next to the dwarf is the Jotnar shrine for Atreus to read.

God of War has a Hel-of-a-lot of collectibles, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to find them all. If you’re looking for more information on some of those pesky trinkets, check out our God of War Guide for more collectible walkthroughs.

Jotnar Shrine 5

The fifth Jotnar shrine can be found during the mission, Inside the Mountain. After riding the claw elevator to the top and meeting Sindri, continue inside the cavern using Atreus’ new arrows to clear the way. The path will be blocked by a lot of World Tree Sap, continue into the next area where a Nornir chest can be looted, nearby is a Shock Crystal to use on the door. With the sap gone, the path to the Jotnar shrine is clear.

Jotnar Shrine 6

Another Jotnar shrine can be found inside the Hidden Chamber in the Thamur’s Corpse region of Midgard. Open the Hidden Chamber and then immediately turn left to find this Jotnar shrine.

Jotnar Shrine 7

This Jotnar shrine can be found inside Tyr’s Vault as part of the main story mission, Behind the Lock. As soon as you enter the vault, look to the side to see the Jotnar shrine, Atreus will likely call Kratos over to it.

Jotnar Shrine 8

Another Jotnar shrine can be found in the realm, Muspelheim. This Jotnar shrine is extremely easy to find, continue straight until you meet Brok, and then turn left to see the shrine. Easy.

Jotnar Shrine 9

This Jotnar shrine can be found during the main story mission, A Path to Jotunheim, below Tyr’s Temple. After figuring out the sand riddle, ride the elevator down and turn around, the Jotnar shrine is right behind you.

Jotnar Shrine 10

A Jotnar shrine can be found in the Lake of Nine, in the Lookout Tower to the south beside the Muspelheim Tower. This can only be accessed once the water has been lowered twice. Use the Leviathan axe to spin the statue, lowering the spikes. Move up the cliff until you reach the top where a rope zipline waits. Go down it to find the Jotnar shrine at the bottom.

Jotnar Shrine 11

This Jotnar shrine can be found in Veithurgard near where the dragon is chained on the cliff. To reach it, head east from the Lake of Nine to Veithurgard, dock in the beach, run up the hill toward where the dragon is chained and then turn left. You will need to progress into the rear of this area toward a collection of tall stones. Through here you can access the bridge that is blocked by golden rocks. There is a giant locked door that requires Kratos to throw his Leviathan axes at the spinners to unlock it. The left two runes look like a T and an R, the right runes look like an N and an F. The Jotnar shrine is right inside the next room.

Jotnar Shrine 12

The final Jotnar shrine can be found in the Konunsgard region. This area can only be accessed after completing all of Brok and Sindri’s side quest Favors. When Kratos and Atreus reach the area, they will need to clear it entirely to collect three stone keys to open the large set of double doors opposite the dragon. Once through the doors, turn right to find the Jotnar shrine.


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