Nintendo is already starting on more Zelda adventures

Japanese job ad suggests Link won't be getting a break any time soon.

Work is already gearing up on new Zelda content, according to a job posting from Nintendo in Japan. The news will come as a relief to fans who had to wait six years for the award-winning Breath of the Wild, which was originally pitched as a Wii U exclusive.

The job ad, posted on Nintendo's own site, has been translated by IGN and shows that a level designer is being sought to work on The Legend of Zelda at Nintendo's Kyoto HQ. The job entails designing dungeons and overworld maps, as well as new enemy types. Nintendo is even willing to pay a "housing allowance" on top of the salary to relocate the right candidate. Obviously, the ability to speak and write Japanese is also required. If you fancy applying, the original announcement is below.

What we don't yet know is whether this is for work on additional content for Breath of the Wild, or if Nintendo is already at work on the next chapter in Link's quest.

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