Thanos has already been nerfed in Fortnite

Not so tough now, eh?

As we noted in our Fortnite Thanos guide yesterday, Marvel's genocidal supervillain is kinda overpowered. While he can be defeated, most players seem to be finding that whoever gets their hands on the Infinity Gauntlet first stands a pretty good chance of demolishing everyone else and winning the match.

Now, in a Reddit post, Epic has confirmed a small but noticeable stat tweak for the Mad Titan. His health and shields have been chopped by 100 points, while the damage output of his power beam drops from 15dps to 12.

Make no mistake, this still leaves Thanos as a formidable foe and not one to be tackled lightly - but it also means that others players stand a better chance of defeating whoever wields the gauntlet. If only the same was true of his cinematic counterpart, [REDACTED] might still be alive. #toosoon

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