Older brother uses Fortnite to inspire sibling's home and school work

Making those V-Bucks count.

One Reddit user found a clever way to convince his younger brother to get on with his homework and chores by promising him V-Bucks, Fortnite's in-game currency, as a reward.

As reported on Superparent, Reddit user SinJinC created a checklist for his younger brother, tasking him with completing his homework or house chores in order to earn V-Bucks. Many children are obsessed with Epic Games' shooter (and let's be real here, many adults too, us included), making this a smart way to reward them in their favorite pastime if they behave well. 

Credit: Reddit user SinJinC
Credit: Reddit user SinJinC

Speaking with Superparent, SinJinC (real name John) said he designed the list to mimic the in-game Battle Pass challenges.

"He was very excited when he saw the challenges since it resembled what you would see in game," said John. "The first day he saw it, he was very enthusiastic about finishing homework and attempting to complete as many challenges [sic] he can in a day.

"I believe that this is a very fun and interactive way to complete chores, giving him [sic] feeling of achievement for earning V-Bucks from his own hard work.”

Now that's a smart sibling. Any chance we could get some of those V-Bucks you're throwing about? We promise to do this dishes this time...

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