GameTomo creating Japan-inspired Superhot game

Dodge bullets while bathing in hot springs.

GameTomo recently announced they’re creating a new Superhot standalone, Superhot JP, in cooperation with the Superhot Team. 

According to GameTomo’s website, Superhot JP takes inspiration from Japanese culture and features diverse Japanese settings such as “hot springs, samurai castles, karaoke bars, and bullet trains.”

Other things Superhot fans can look forward to in Superhot JP include 15-18 regular levels and 34 endless levels, a brand new storyline, new weapons including a bow and arrow, as well as a new Japanese UI and menu.

© GameTomo

“With the innovative time-moves-only-when-you-move fps gameplay, Superhot JP (not the real title) is a new game set in the Superhot universe,” explains the Superhot JP team.

“While maintaining the same intoxicating rhythm of slow motion combat,this new Superhot presents a brand new adventure with a distinctive Japanese flavor.”

"Dodge bullets, while bathing in a hot spring. Battle the red guys in a variety of new Japan-inspired environments, from hot springs to samurai castles, from seedy Tokyo alleyways to karaoke bars and bullet trains." 

© GameTomo

It's worth noting that Superhot JP isn't a direct sequel to Superhot, as GameTomo has labeled it as more of an "alternate story campaign." The original Superhot, which released back in 2016, has seen previous expansions including Superhot VR and Superhot: Mind Control Delete.

How Superhot JP will stack up against Superhot's previous expansions remains to be seen. With so many new additions, though, Superhot JP looks to be extremely promising. 

GameTomo plans to release Superhot JP in Japan first for PS4 and PC “and then possibly other countries worldwide.” While there’s no official release date or price point for Superhot JP right now, GameTomo has noted that the game will be “priced very reasonably.”

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