Xbox One accessibility controller leaked

A leaked image shows what appears to be a controller designed for users with physical limitations.

A leaked image of a new Xbox One controller design has gamers speculating over its intended purpose. The most popular, and probable, theory centers around accessibility.

The image was first posted to Twitter via user WalkingCat with Windows Central later reporting rumors that Microsoft has plans to reveal the controller at E3 2018. In the image, you can see the controller differs from the average Xbox One controller in a variety of ways.

First, the controller is completely flat, enabling it to be comfortably used in a gamer’s lap without needing to be held. Additionally, the controller has two prominent “A” and “B” buttons which are raised from the surface of the controller.

The size of the buttons, and the fact they look to be programmable, corroborate theories that the controller is intended for users with physical limitations. While this controller wouldn’t be the first to be designed with accessibility in mind, it does appear to be a more dramatic step for Microsoft than the disability options available via the Xbox One Elite controller. 

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As of right now, Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny the rumored accessibility controller. If they indeed plan to reveal it at E3 2018, though, gamers won’t have to wait too long for more information. 

We certainly hope the rumors and theories surrounding the controller prove to be true, as it’d be a giant step in the right direction in terms of giving gamers with physical limitations an easier way to enjoy their favorite Xbox titles.

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