Sea of Thieves rows back on new features

Server crashes mean no private crews for now.

Xbox One exclusive Sea of Thieves has had to navigate choppy waters over the last 24 hours, after long-awaited changes included in the v1.0.7 patch caused repeated server outages. Among the features were the ability to hand resources directly to other players, making Gamertags invisible when swimming underwater to allow for more successful stealth boarding, and crucially the option to set your ship's crew to private so only friends could sail with you.

The patch went live, then this happened...

"AllmondBeard" is the name of a vegan hipster barbershop in Brooklyn, in case you were wondering, but is also the game's error code for disruption of Xbox Live or Sea of Thieves server connections. Not a good thing in a multiplayer online-only game.

The game is now back online, at least, but those promised features remain deactivated until Rare can work out what's causing the problem.

We recommend players stay tuned to the Sea of Thieves twitter account for more updates.

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