How to build a base in State of Decay 2

Build a secure and contained base to keep your survivors safe in State of Decay 2.

State of Decay 2 isn’t all about bashing in zombie skulls. To ensure your group of plucky survivors have long, infection-free lives ahead of them, you’ll also need to build up your base with the facilities needed to ensure a good life. Whether it’s to heal your injured, secure better weapons or simply train your team for the apocalypse, it’s important to have a strong and well equipped base to fall back on.

How to build a base

Starting off in State of Decay 2 you’ll be given a simple base of operations with room for additional facilities. This might seem overwhelming at first, especially when you’ll have other quests and survivors who’s plights seem much more compelling. Your starting camp seems suitable enough, but as you progress, your community will expand and you’ll soon find yourself in need of another base. Before you get to that point it’s well worth practicing the basics here.

To build a new facility, head to an open area highlighted by a dotted line and press the Y button. This will open up a menu of buildings to choose from. You’ll have access to everything form healthcare or food supplies to weapons training or places to improve morale. Select what you need most pressingly for your community. Highlighting your choice will show what materials you need to build it. Note that you won’t be able to construct some of the more advanced options until your survivors have learned the skills required.

Your first base will have three spaces for new facilities. You’ll find one in the front yard on the left, while the other two are in the backyard. The first facility you’ll need to build is an infirmary, but the second two slots are up to you. We recommend building something that another survivor in the camp requests. For example, Johnson will usually want a shooting range and building one will help complete community goals and improve your influence. Once you’ve filled up all the building sites you should consider moving to a larger base. There are several good sites you can establish a base at around the map, you just need to explore in a car to find them. These new bases provide more slots for facilities as well as larger spaces for more advanced buildings.

Make sure you explore your surroundings well as you might discover a nearby outpost that grants the same benefit as a facility, removing the need to build it in the immediate future. As an example, some outposts offer food production meaning you won’t need to build a farm early on. Don’t be afraid to destroy any facilities you no longer need or that wouldn’t benefit your community as much as a replacement building could. It’s important to keep your base lean and efficient, so experiment with what works best for your survivors.

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