How to improve morale in State of Decay 2

Stop fighting and injuries in your community by raising morale in State of Decay 2.

When you’re living in a post apocalyptic world it’s no surprise that keeping morale up is a tricky task. Surrounded by flesh-eating hordes as you are in State of Decay 2, keeping your people happy is especially critical to stop fights breaking out. Improving your community’s morale can be achieved in multiple ways, and it’s best to make use of all of them.

How to Improve Morale

Every one of your survivors in State of Decay 2 has a personal morale meter which affects the overall community morale. These personal levels can be positive or negative depending on the survivor’s surroundings. Positive adds to the community level a small amount while negative morale detracts greatly. If one person is really unhappy, chances are you’ve got an upset community. It’s therefore best to start by solving the problems of survivors with the most negative morale.

The main ways to improve morale in a base are as follows:

  • Clear infestations
  • Build new morale-boosting facilities
  • Gather resources for any supplies running low
  • Claim a morale-boosting outpost

You can check on the community morale by hitting the View button on the Xbox One controller and then swapping to the Base tab using the bumpers. Select the box labelled morale on the left-hand side for a breakdown of every survivor in the community.

Look under “Issues Affecting Morale” to see everyone’s concerns and delights. Anything in red affects morale negatively, while green is a positive. Building a good infirmary or decent sleeping areas will boost morale. In fact, one of the easiest ways to boost morale is to build up your base with new facilities like a latrine or bedding. You can also find outposts offering morale boosts.

Once morale has improved your survivors will bicker less, causing fewer problems in the base. The key to success in State of Decay 2 is to pay attention to the early warning signs and improve your community’s morale as quickly as possible.

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